Songkran Festival Chiang Mai (13-15 April)

“Songkran” is Thai New Year’s Day and family roundabout. At this time, people from rural areas who work in the city often return home to celebrate the festival. On that day, Bangkok will become a deserted city.

The festival will be held on April 13th and will be held regularly every year throughout the Kingdom. “Songkran” is a Thai word which means “move” or “change place” because it is the day the sun changes its position. It is also known as “water festival”. Unfortunately

The Thai New Year’s Day of Thai English begins with the subject: the merit of breakfast for the monks and release the birds that hold the cage to the sky freely. In this great opportunity, any stored animals will be released as a heading: Worshiping the Prostrate Ancestors of You, you are an essential part of day banking. Your friend will respect you by the subject: pouring the fragrant water up on the palm. You, the elder, in the partnership, on the other hand, want the youth to be able to enjoy and prosper.

In the afternoon, after the merit-making of the Buddhas and monks, the celebrants, both young and old, will be splashed on April 13-15. People from all sectors will attend Songkran Festival and beautiful parades.


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